yubbazubbies, you are yummy,

you are succulent and sweet,
you are splendidly delicious,
quite delectable to eat
how i smack my lipss with relish
when you bump against my knees,
then nuzzle up beside me
chirping eat us please
you are juicy yubbazubbies
you are tender never tough
you are appetizing morsels
i can never get enough
you have captivating flavors
and a tantalizing smell
a bit like a candied apple
and a bit like caramel
yubbazubbies you are luscious you are soft and smoothas silk
like a dish of chicken dumplings
or a glass of choclet milk
even when im hardly hungry
i am sure to tast to a few
and i am never disappointed
yubbazubbiesi love you