Discovery Quest

Discovery Quest is an oral question of the month activity that allows students to learn public speaking skills and independent research skills. Students should prepare to participate once a month. Each student is assigned a student number at the beginning of the year. Your child’s student number corresponds with the order in which they will present each month. The schedule may need modification according to holidays and school events.

Turn over to find a list of “quests” or research topics for this Janaury and February. Each student should use books, magazines, reference books, family member interviews, or research tools such as the Internet to learn about the topic.

Student will present to the class. Students should not read their information, but should tell us what they have learned. Note cards are acceptable, but students not merely read what is on their card. Students may use note cards, notes, bring pictures, posters they’ve made or visual aid items.

This activity should be a fun way to study something that is interesting to the student. Look at the attached list of topics for November/December. Select the most interesting to study.

Below Please Find January/February Topics and Dates for Presentations
Discover a way to make the New Year your best ever - in school or at home. Share your resolution(s) and the reason you chose it/them.

Discover the Civil Rights Movement or one of the famous people involved in it, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, or Rev. Abernathy.

Discover where the months of the year got their names. Do they have special meanings that fit the seasons?

Discover where valentines came from. Why is it a "romantic" holiday. Write a special valentine's poem for a school helper. Share with the class, and then plan to deliver the message!

Discover a famous African-American, past or present. Tell about his/her life and contributions.

Discover healthy eating. Plan a week's menu with your parent/guardian. Plan for 3 meals/day plus snack. Do a shopping list. Go shopping with your parent to see how much it costs.

Choose one topic above to present to the class on your assigned due date. You should not read your information, but tell the class what you learned. You may use note cards, pictures, posters or a visual aid item. This activity is a fun way of sharing with the class something that is interesting to you.

Due Dates:
January 23 (Wednesday) Aanya, Matthew, AJ, Luke J, Samantha, Max
January 28 (Monday) Penny, Maggie, Caleb, Ian, Luke R, Lydia
February 1 (Friday) Luca, Winston, Grant, Charlie, Carson, Yadieric