An Extraterrestrial Alien By: Jack Prelutsky

an extraterrestrial alien
I never expected to meet
is bouncing about in my bedroom
on half of its forty-four feet
it made its appearance this morning
when, plummeting out of the sky
without a protective enclosure,
it landed, undamaged nearby

it didnt resemble a rocket
it certainly wasnt a bird
yet no one but me seemed to notice
that anything odd had occurred
i couldnt contain my excitment
and raced there uncommonly fast
then laughed as i panted, aghast

that extraterrestrial alien
displayed unmistakable charm
it bowed at the waist then embraced me
with half of its forty-four arms
it danced with apparent abandon
i stared in unblinking surprise
enthralled by the twenty-two twinkles
in half of its fourty-four eyes

"im glad that you like me!" it gurgled
"you wish to be friends, i presume?
"i do!" i replied, and decided
to hide it inside of my room
that extraterrestrial alien
i never expected to find
informs me its coming to dinner
i hope that my parents dont mind.